15/09/2018 - 03/11/2018
Sandra Cinto (Santo André, 1968) presents in the Espacio Proyectos the exhibition Drawings, a show that gathers work on paper, canvases and a site-specic installation. After having participated in various group exhibitions at the gallery, this is the rst time that Fernando Pradilla presents an individual project by Sandra Cinto. The installation In Silence recovers aspects addressed in her work of the same title, exhibited at the Matadero de Madrid in 2014 and at the Luis Seoane Foundation in La Coruña both curated by David Barro. On this occasion Sandra Cinto recreates an intimate and poetic landscape rooted in the memory of places: rooms that were once inhabited by people and that for more than a decade are spaces reserved for showing art. The memory of empty spaces is presented as a new opportunity for creation and to inhabit a re-contextualized space based on drawing. In the same way the musical instruments - in this case a violin that Sandra has recovered and intervened - devoid of some of its essential elements, such as the strings, the bridge or the tuner, speaks to us again about those places: a house where no one lives, a music that does not sound. On these walls the artist overturns her universe of delicate and subtle lines in which the drawing acts as the driving axis of the entire composition. The economy of formal resources and the chromatic austerity of the proposal reinforce the purpose of silence and intimacy that Sandra Cinto seeks to achieve in these spaces that are almost empty of matter but overowing with soul and memory. The chromatic duality reinforces the idea already announced by the painters of ancient China, where the black ink on the white brush was the origin of all creation, the ying and the yang from which everything is born, the creative hand of the painter separates the chaos from the matter, the emptiness from the full, the noise from the silence. Sandra Cinto lives and works in São Paulo. Together with Albano Afonso she directs Ateliê Fidalga, an artists’ platform for research and a space for exchange and debate aimed at fostering creation. The work of Sandra Cinto has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo, at the Seattle Art Museum, at the Tomie Ohtake Institute, at the Atlantic Center of Modern Art of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, as well as at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Miami, the Museum of Contemporary Art of San Diego or the Center Georges Pompidou. Selected for important publishing projects such as Vitamin D (Ed. Phaidon), her work is in collections such as the ARCO Foundation, the Galician Center for Contemporary Art, the Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo, the Contemporary Art Center of Inhotim or The Philips Collection.