Anthony Stark
Anthony Stark
Alicante, Spain, 1980.

In 2007 he was awarded with the grant from the Antonio Gala Foundation for young creators and the Mario Antolín scholarship to support artistic research for the XXII BMW Painting Prize. From then on, Anthony Stark dedicated himself to developing his pictorial work based on figurative images and the representation of individuals and groups.

Stark's autobiographical and visceral painting moves away from the mere exercise of rhetoric, measured and controlled, to take risks in disturbing environments. In his painting, the protagonism is acquired by the struggle between figurative forms and large coloured abstract fields, where the abundant quantity of oil almost becomes a figure. That battle is also that of love, sex and violence. The filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder, in 1969, stated in his first feature film that "Love engenders violence and vice versa". This phrase becomes the main reference for Anthony Stark. An open declaration of intentions, a confrontation with the old bourgeois ideals, still so present, around painting.

In his painting, this duality of life and death, beautiful and abject, abstract and figurative, where chaos is ordered and contained within the limits of the canvas, is exposed.