Rubén Rodrigo
Rubén Rodrigo
Salamanca, Spain, 1980.

His pictorial work is influenced by the New York School's expanded color field painting, surrealist tachism, and by certain concepts of Japanese Shintoism such as chance. This controlled chance, mystery and a certain tactile quality related to lightness are present in his work.

In his canvases Rodrigo explores the formal possibilities of color in fields.
practically monochromatic. "I want to reach maximum purity by means of a
a unique stain process that the Japanese call sumi-e and that alludes to an ancestral monochromatic technique of naturalistic character that pursues the synthesis of the ruled forms of nature through a single stroke of the brush. I am interested in the pulse, the tension, the spirituality and the vitality of the pictorial space".

Rubén Rodrigo has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, where in 2019 his great exhibition entitled La luz y la furia (Light and Fury) was exhibited at the Centro de Arte DA2 Domus Artium.